A Sudden Insight

My experience with the Wheel has been profound, and keeps deepening.  I am amazed at how the simple surface of it simmers deeply in to me as I let myself soak in it, discuss it, share it with interested others.

I had a vivid experience the day after attending my first Lab Day at the end of Like a Pro.  For months I’d been doing a weekly session in a home where the cleaners would occasionally come in and play, at times, rather loud and disruptive music. I tolerated it.

The day after I participated in my first Lab Day, my body, without a second thought, literally picked me up and took me to the person playing the tunes and graciously let them know they needed to make space for my need as well. I don’t remember what I said. It just welled up and came out and was right.  “I have power in this situation too,” I remember knowing.  The beauty was that I didn’t have to force it; it was the place it came out of for me. I’m great at making myself do things.  This I simply watched unfold, and thought, how amazing and simple will my life be if I keep on this path?!

  • Anna

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