Wheel of Consent Book-related Events

Here you’ll find a list of free Wheel of Consent Book Events with Dr. Betty Martin.

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Betty’s birthday fund-raiser

Betty’s birthday is October 6 – and  she’s celebrating with a special event fund-raiser for creating the audio book!

Come hear stories of how the Wheel came to be and the aha’s that led to its creation. Hear from Betty’s personal life and work with clients and students. And as always, some time for Q&A!

October 6, 6 pm Pacific, on Zoom. If you can’t attend live, there’s a ticket for you to be able to watch it later.


Un-webinar: Waking Up the Hands – free online practice group

Returning in November

The practice of  Waking Up the Hands is a foundation for experiencing and understanding the quadrants of the Wheel of Consent – and a whole lot more! The practice helps you re-awaken the sensory connection in your hands, which you can do alone. Sounds simple? It is, and it’s also surprisingly impactful and liberating. One hour.

Un-webinar: Listening Turns – free online practice group

Returning in November

Enough of Betty talking already! Join Betty as she guides us in learning how to receive full, exquisite attention – and how to give the profound gift of your listening attention to others. Listening turns, or co-counseling, is one of the fundamental practices in learning how to Receive and Give, and is taught in Wheel of Consent professional trainings. One hour.

Book Salon – Readers Q & A

Returning in November

Are you reading the book? Got questions? Join us as Betty reads a short excerpt and answers questions. One hour.



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