With Veronic Monet, of the Shame-Free Zone. Veronica and I go back quite a few years, and I greatly admire her work. We have in common our work with sexuality. Our conversation ranges through enduring touch we don’t want, what to do when we don’t know what we want, being with the feelings that come up, expectations, consent as opening up more fun, slowing down to experience more pleasure, the pleasure ceiling, learning how to receive and how to give, touching yourself. March 2021.

With Hannah Bernstein, of the Embodied Psyche channel. Hannah is mostly talking to therapists and others interested in healing. We talk about ambiguity in relationship, my personal journey towards erotic wholeness and where it took me in my work, what happens when we own our own eroticism, many kinds of relationship, many challenges of feelings, titrating pleasure, and trauma, marginalized communities and consent. The challenges of playing with the Wheel, and what is a spiritual path? Feb 2021.

With Mangala Holland on the Vagina-Pussy-Vulva video series. Topics include: Surrender? Or getting better at going along with stuff you don’t like? The life-changing experience of being touched exactly the way you want – wait – you mean that’s possible? Yes, it is. Who is this massage for? The Wheel of Consent as a framework for experimenting. April 2021.

At the One World Tantra Festival. Topics include the difference between Want-to and Willing-to and why we need to know the difference (because it changes how our hearts experience what we’re doing), why it’s hard to ask for what we want, and what we do instead, why taking turns brings you experiences you have no other way, why the Wheel of Consent is a practice of taking turns, and how to play with this on video calls – then we demonstrate how to do that. June 2020.

With Melissa Davison, of BodyJoy Intimacy School. We talk about experiences where I noticed the dynamics. The two questions and the difference between who is doing and who it’s for, the comedy skit of the Wheel, what a Sacred intimate is, places we get lost, repair after a breach of consent, training practitioners, and why as a practitioner you should never ask permission . Oct 2020.

With Eva Blake, on the Sexually Satisfied Woman series. Topics include: Why we go along with touch we don’t want – What about the risk of asking for what we want? – What happens when we ignore our own boundaries? – Defining “Consent” and why it’s not the same as permission. – What is a somatic sex educator? June 2021.

And a few more on our playlist.


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