The Library Project

Many folks have asked me if they can find my book in their local public library.  The answer is, I don’t know!  Libraries typically rely on publisher’s catalogs, best-seller lists and other criteria for buying a new book for their circulation. They also rely on their library members to make requests for new books.

This is something that as a self-published author, I can’t do alone. I have some generous folks helping to make these requests of their local public or university libraries. If you’d like to help, I would certainly appreciate it!

If you’re willing to call or make an online request for the book from your local library to order the book –
we’ve devised a little system for you:

1.  Go to our Library Search page and fill in a very short questionnaire to help us find your local/Main
branch library

2.  In 5-7 business days, we will research their book request process – and send you all the info they need to know about the book, via email.

3. When you receive the email information from us, follow the steps to contact your Library at your convenience,
to ask if they have the book available.  If they don’t, follow our emailed instructions to make the request.

4. When the library emails you back to let us know that the book is in – please let us know at

Thank you!  This is a volunteer effort from my beloved community, for which I’m so grateful.  If you feel inclined and available to help, we could definitely use the support! Please email if you’d like to know how you can assist the team further!

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