A smartly written and revelatory reexamination of readers’ most intimate experiences…marvelously open and welcoming prose style, clearly breaking down her concepts in order to help her readers construct a new idea of what touching is—and, by extension, sex and all issues of consent.
Kirkus Reviews  (The complete Kirkus review here.)

Deceptively simple, yet stunningly nuanced, the Wheel of Consent helps peel back layers of confusion around the basics of human interaction: giving and receiving. It is the single best tool I know of to clarify sexual dynamics and interpersonal challenges. I use its lessons in my personal and professional life every day.

Marcia Baczynski, Consent and Relationship educator,

What Betty Martin has done with her Wheel of Consent is encapsulate the multi-dimensional and dynamic reality of human interaction in an elegant model that anyone can understand. The Wheel of Consent will transform you and every relationship in your life.

A.V. Flox, author of Disrupting The Bystander: When #metoo Happens Among Friends

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